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Here is how our program works:

Join as a FREE Member, then Upgrade as Platinum Member at the Traffic Exchange (USD$6.95 monhtly).

You will be given the following features, and one paid position in the team forced 3x6 matrix.
Platinum Members

A forced matrix is the quickest and most efficient way to fill your downline and start earning faster. Even if you don't have experience because your sponsors and your referrals can fill your matrix soon.

And as this is a Forced Matrix 3 x 6, your referrals will go first to fill the first empty position, or you receive a spill over from your sponsor or spill under from your referrals to help you to fill your matrix faster.

This will be very easy to do, because we are in early states now.

Forced Matrix Commission Chart
Level # of Members Commission Total
Total Monthly Earnings: $473.10
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